"What's in a Name...?"

Cito Wheelington with mangaGreetings.
My name is Wade “Cito” Lammar Wheelington III.
Thank you for visiting ShugoPro. In Japanese, “Shugo” means “guardian” and “pro” is short for “productions.” Thus “ShugoPro” is the codename which means “Guardian Productions.” It is a small ongoing project that seeks to showcase both my original art and fanworks.


I have been creating artwork ever since I was a young boy in elementary school. I was always so fascinated with superheroes and comic books. I also had a very keen interest in the Japanese language and culture, so my family and I would always go to the annual St. Louis Japanese Festival. There I had the opportunity to meet numerous staff and performers from Japan and experience Japanese food and culture. It wasn’t long before I became enamored with anime and manga, including such titles as “Sailor Moon” and “Rurouni Kenshin." Following this, I soon began studying the Japanese language in my junior year in high school, hoping that I would one day be able to move to Japan and produce my own manga. 

nagano summer festivalFinally, I was blessed with the opportunity to move to Japan in the autumn of 2012. I furthered my language study at the Nagano Kokusai Bunka Gakuin and upon graduation, I was accepted into the Tokyo Communication Arts Specialty School, where I was able to hone my skills as a manga artist. During my time there, I won first place in the school’s annual Manga Grand Prix. Additionally, numerous Japanese TV shows scouted me and featured my work on their programs which continued to fuel my passion.


Thanks to much effort and support, I published my first short manga series, “Blue Crisis Love” in 2016 and in addition to working full-time, I have continued juggling multiple new ideas along with working on my shoujo manga passion project "Love or Duty." 

Love or Duty manga written by Cito Wheelington
At last the "Love or Duty" manuscript was fully completed in 2022 and was published in 2023 following a successful Kickstarter campaign! Though there is still work to be done for the outreach of "Love or Duty," I forever celebrate this milestone!

It has been a long road, filled with hardships as well as many fun memories. I hope that my story inspires all to go after their dreams too!