Navigating the High and Decline of 2023

The Prologue 

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2023 was the year of new beginnings. A year for a "breakout." The very theme and resolution of the year was: "To Become the Best Version of Yourself."

The year of the Rabbit started out on quite a high, reminiscent of a happy lucid dreams. There was mental clarity and iron-clad resolve to stick to the weight loss goal. Moreover, there was a solidarity in achieving the dream of publishing my shoujo manga series "Love or Duty."

Dream-like High

In keeping with the vow to publish my passion project, I embarked on a crowdfunding journey with Kickstarter to raise the fund for this daunting, yet anticipated goal. As a novice on uncharted waters, I found a fun and convenient way to automate marketing for the series. I spent many colorful hours creating musical instagram posts of scenes from the series, which I set to upload two posts a day for a month and a half. Alas, the funding goal was reached as my mermaid character Namiko charmed a modest bounty of manga lovers! The dream came true with a small print run which I aim to expand upon. 

on top of the worldMore adventures awaited on this seemingly lucky year. I was so fortunate to attend my friend's wedding in Port Douglas, Australia! The morning was filled with friendly locals, and a snorkeling session with a new buddy. I had no idea petting turtles underwater was on my bucket list. After the beautiful afternoon wedding ceremony, friends old and new gathered together to dance the night away.

With a successful print run, weight melting away, and a handful of additional travel adventures, 2023 was THE year...So it seemed.

Decline into a Nightmare

In the late summer, I began planning to host independent art shows for Love or Duty and my other works. And the week when I began writing for season 2, I got the video call that shattered the kaleidoscopic euphoria.

destruction of the world around you

The company I was doing full-time translation for decided to lay off half of the translation team, and I was one of the members to get sniped. The cover story was downsizing and streamlining, however we found out not even a week later they were hiring the same positions they just laid off, but for cheaper. As that was the bulk of my income, all my art aspirations came to a complete halt. The hunt for a new job continues, as my manga remains on ice. Wanting to push and work on your art, yet being shackled to endless resume uploads while dominated with struggling to find ways to pay rent in Tokyo, is an enraging torture I can't find works for. 

This all pales in comparison to what is happening overseas, with all of the wars and strife. What I lost could never measure up to the victims losing their homes, friends, and families.

Still Time Left

This year started with so much light and promise. And literally overnight, darkness blanketed everything, not just for myself, but on a worldwide scale. I long to see a bounce-back for this year. I want to return to my art that is calling to me! There's a whole world I'm still yearning to build. 

I hope everyone's circumstances change. No storm lasts forever. A new world always comes after destruction. Perhaps it's just part of the cycle...

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